Mega Run Game

If you missed Redford from the Mega Jump game, he’s back for another great adventure. This adorable, huge eyed, red creature will have you running instead of jumping on the Mega Jump’s sequel. Get Set Games offers Mega Run, the much awaited second part of Redford’s adventure. If you can’t wait to try this new game, download and install the application on your mobile phone to start playing. Make sure that your device meets the minimum system requirements of the application to prevent game problems. This will ensure that you’ll have maximum gaming pleasure that will make you addicted on this Mega Run Game. Learn more about the game and what you can expect from the second installment of the equally enjoyable Mega Jump game.

The Story of the MegaRun Game

You will play the role of Redford. This loveable creature must face obstacles and dangers to save his beloved brothers and sisters that were abducted by the enemies. Help this hero reunite with his siblings by facing and surviving the challenges ahead. Use your gaming skills to pass various levels of the game and reach your goal.

How to Play the Game

 Launch the main screen of Mega Run by tapping on the game icon on your home screen. Start playing the game by tapping on the play option. Don’t be surprised if your character starts running immediately as the game is set on auto run. Tap on the screen to jump, prevent hindrances and collect coins, gems, stars and power-ups. There are four worlds to explore with 64 levels to clear. There are gems and stars to collect on each level that will not only increase your XP and game points, but it will also unlock items that can help your character attain its goal. These items can be purchased using the coins that you earned. So make sure that you collect the coins that you see on the paths you take to choose. If you want a faster way to get the items without waiting to get the amount of coins needed, you can purchase them using real cash. However, if you don’t want to spend any cash for the items, you can still enjoy the MegaRun game and avail of them by manually collecting coins. Use power-ups to obtain abilities that can help you clear the stages like making Redford fly for a short period, making him gigantic or letting him run faster than ever.

Background and Sound Effects

The 64 stages that are scattered throughout the MegaRun game on the 4 worlds have varying location. You will experience running through forests, beaches and more. The cartoon graphics of the game is superb making it more entertaining. It’s colorful, sharp, neat and enticing. It will not only appeal to little kids but with adults too. You can play this game for several hours without getting tired of it. This is because of the different background themes that you will see on different worlds. Furthermore, the sound effects on the game make it more exciting. You will hear distinct sounds when you obtain power-ups, coins, stars and gems.